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What to pack when traveling to Egypt?

What to pack when traveling to Egypt

The Basics of Packing for Travel to Egypt

The trip to Egypt is one of the desires of every person when he knows the history of Egypt, the wonderful and historical places and monuments that it has. In Giza there is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world “the Great Pyramid” and there is also the Great Sphinx.

In Cairo, there is one of the oldest markets in the Middle East “Khan el-Khalili”. The temples in Luxor and Aswan and the beaches of Hurgada and Sharm el-Sheikh. To enjoy everything in Egypt there are some things you should pack:


You should always carry a photocopy of your passport, visa, travel insurance, credit information at all times, keep them away from the originals. If you have discount cards like the International Student Card (ISIC), take it to save part of the admission fees to the important historical monuments.

It is necessary to take travel insurance in case of going to the doctor. Also, it is necessary to have the data of the hotel and to leave a photocopy of the papers with friends or family.


Credit card or cash?

It is acceptable to use cards in historical and other places because the ATM is available in many places. But you also need Egyptian pound cash for small expenses, cab, and some merchants. Sometimes some hotels or stores ask to pay in dollars because of Egypt’s cash shortage. You should put your cash in a money bag.


There are some basic clothes that are needed such as a light jacket, shirts, usually cotton clothes, sunglasses, umbrella, hat, bathing suit, socks, and underwear. It is advisable to have comfortable shoes because of the many places you visit and where you walk a lot.

It is also better to wear long clothes because sometimes it is more refreshing at night but it is necessary for women especially in religious places like mosques to cover their head and body.

Electronic Products

It is advisable to have a portable charger, portable WIFI, universal travel adapter, and power strips to charge your cell phone, laptop, or others. It is also necessary to have an Egyptian SIM card to be in contact with others.


It is important to have a first aid kit and also some important things in the hand luggage. The kit should contain many things but important is antiseptic such as alcohol, gel, and antibacterial soap for the hands, gauze, bandages, scissors, and some basic medicines such as antidiarrheal, analgesics, and capsules for abdominal pain. It is advisable to use sunscreen and eye drops for hydration, especially in the summer.

Making Memories in Egypt

Egypt has many attractions such as beautiful landscapes, the beauty of the sea, historical and immortal places like those in Luxor, Aswan, and Cairo. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this country with our travel packages to Egypt or Nile cruise.

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