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Things To Do In Luxor: Top Luxor Attractions

Luxor Attractions, things to do in luxor

Find a simplified travel guide to the top Luxor Attractions and Top things to see and do in Luxor city in Upper Egypt what is the best historical places to visit in Luxor and the top activities in Luxor.

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Once part of the ancient city of Thebes that was the ruling seat of power in ancient Egypt for 1,350 years, Luxor is now a major touristic destination in Egypt, particularly for travelers who interested in Ancient Egypt history and archaeology, Luxor boasts an exceptionally rich legacy of tombs, temples, and monuments.

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Around these relics of Ancient Egypt’s celebrated history are signs of the prosperous industry of modern-day – tourism, Luxor now the top city to visit in Egypt, let’s explore the top Luxor attractions.

Top Luxor Attractions: West & East Bank

We will guide you here to the top Luxor attractions you should visit:

1- The Valley of the Kings

Your tour in Luxor will not complete until you visit the Valley of the Kings the burial place of the great Pharaohs of the New Kingdom, the Valley started when King Thot-Mosis 1st to separate his tomb from the normal burial temple, moreover, he gave an order to bury his body, not in luxurious monuments but a secret, inaccessible place.

So he gave the order for his Vizier (Inn) to dig the tomb of the King after that all the Pharaohs of the New kingdom used to dig their tombs in the Valley of the kings, it has 62 Tombs most famous is the Tomb of King Tutankhamun and you Can visit 3 tombs during your trip in Valley of the kings.

2- The Temple of Habu or Madinat Habu.

This temple one of the best temples in Egypt still has its original colors the great temple of the last strong pharaoh King Ramses the third, the Temple of Madinat Habu.

It’s considered to be one of the top Luxor attractions.

The temple consists of 2 Pylons or the Triumph Gate because of military scenes sculpted on the walls representing the Pharaoh sacrificing his enemy to the God Amun.

then when you cross this gate you will find yourself in open court this was for festivals and it has amazing inscriptions and very deep reliefs it is the deepest in all the Egyptian temples.

This temple you should visit in Luxor.

3- Hatshepsut Temple.

The temple of the strong lady the first lady of ancient Egypt her majesty Queen Hatshepsut. This woman ruled Egypt for about 16 years she ruled after her brother -husband Tot-Mosis 2nd

She built this temple as a funeral temple she used to rule Egypt as a male king because it wasn’t allowed for women to rule Egypt she married her brother to justify her right to the throne of Egypt.

Moreover, queen Hatshepsut married her stepson Tutmosis the third and put him in the shadow for 16 years and when he became an adult he killed her and then he became the king of Egypt and as an act of revenge, he destroyed everything related to this queen so when you visit her temple.

In the west bank, you will find that he removed all her names from the walls.

The temple of Queen Hatshepsut has a unique style consisting of 3 floors cut into the cliffs of the mountain of the Valley of the Kings, queen Hatshepsut was buried in the Valley of the Kings with the pharaohs We discovered her mummy in the Egyptian Museum storerooms now it is displayed in the Mummy room

4- The Colossi of Memnon in the West Bank

The famous colossi of Memnon are all that remains from the funeral temple of the great king Amonphis the third the father of Ikhanaton and grand-father of King Tutankhamun.

These statues which must have stood at the entrance of the temple are 20 Meters high. (Top Luxor Attractions)


Top Luxor Attractions: East Bank Temples & Museums

5- The Karnak Temple Complex.

The Karnak temple is the largest temple on earth still exists since ancient times.

This temple lasted 2000 years to be completed as a cult center for the great God Amun all the Pharaohs of the new Kingdom take a part in the construction of this great temple. (Top Luxor Attractions)

The Great Karnak temple

The Temple begins with the avenue of Rams the first and the second Pylon, then you will find yourself in open court it was used for the festivals then you will find the great Hypo-style Hall 134 columns each one of them is 23 Meters high the columns still have colors also there are 2 Obelisks out of 7 were in the temple.

you can see after that the Sacred Lake of the temple beside this lake there are many seats this for the sound and light show in the temple everyday evening.

6- Luxor temple the temple of Amun -Ra

In Luxor, all that remains of its glorious past is the temple that the ancient Egyptians built to the glory of God Amun-Ra the temple is 260 Meters long mainly built by 2 pharaohs the first was Amon-Ofis 3rd and the second was Ramses the great and the temple was joined to the Karnak temple a long stone.

Luxor Temple

The entrance of the temple marked by the large Pylon decorated by king Ramses the great military campaigns
The Pylon was preceded by 2 Obelisks today only one Obelisk left 25 Meters high and the other was taken to Paris- Franc on the 25th of October 1836. The temple is marked by 2 statues of King Tutankhamun made of Alabaster and a very big open court contains 64 pillars take the shapes of Louts and papyrus and the Sanctuary of the temple.

7-The Luxor Museum

Luxor Museum recently built this Museum displays countless interesting finds relating to the history of ancient Thebes -Luxor the most interesting piece is TALAT’S WALLS of king Ikhnaton and the head of HATHOR from the treasure of King Tutankhamun and the Granite stone -head of king Amono-phis 3rd.

Top Things to Do In Luxor By Night

One of the top activities in Luxor city by night is to join the Sound & Light show of Karnak temple.

Or visit the Luxor temple by when it lighted up it is open till 9:00 PM.

Or take a city tour in Luxor by horse carriage by night Luxor is bustling by night but you should be with your guide to avoid the hassle of carriage man and the Souks, you will find Luxor is different by night.

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