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Tips when traveling to Egypt Alone

Tips when traveling to Egypt Alone

Traveling to Egypt Alone!

Egypt is considered a pharaonic country and a tourist destination. Egypt is the cradle of an ancient civilization that’s why traveling to Egypt is a wish to many people all over the world.

But they always wonder if the trip to Egypt is something safe or not especially for women alone. These are the answers to some common questions about traveling alone to Egypt.

1 – Is there Harassment in Egypt?

Harassment is a universal phenomenon and is also in Egypt. The most effective thing to avoid harassment is to ignore it and to continue on your trip and enjoy every moment. If you have problems, the tourist police are always by your side.

2 – How to act before the harassment?

Ignorance is the solution to deal with this problem but if it continues, you can scream and ask for the help of the police. It is also advisable to be with a tour guide to be safe on your trip.

3. Is it better to travel in a group?

It is safer to travel with others and this is an excellent option. Being in a group allows you to visit many important places with organized time and less interaction with the locals. [ check our Egypt group tours ]

4-What to do in Egypt?

At night in many cities like Cairo and Luxor families [ family tours in Egypt ] go out for a walk in the streets and this is a pleasure for women who travel alone. Most cheap hotels are good for women who travel alone because they feel safer and more comfortable. [ Check our Egypt solo tours ]

5-How to get around in Egypt?

The women who travel alone to Egypt can take a cab, Uber, and Careem (they are the safest transports). There are many types of public transports in Egypt at cheap prices. In Cairo, if you take the subway, there are wagons for women and if you take buses, it is better to sit next to a woman.

6-What to wear in Egypt?

It must bear in mind that the Egyptian culture is conservative so much the Muslim as the Christian one. That’s why it is always advisable to wear long clothes that cover your knees, upper arms, and neckline. For women, when visiting mosques, cover your head with the veil. Short clothes are best worn on the beaches.

7-Choosing a Safe Hotel.

Hotels are the best places to be safe because of the security at the doors and insides. It is advised when choosing the hotel, look over the high qualified hotel. It is also necessary to have the data of the hotel when you are out because in case you get lost and do not know how to return to the hotel. [  we can help you contact us ]

8-Start with a Local Guide.

You are better off with a woman as a local guide because she knows everything about the country and historical places. [ Book your tour with Jakada Tours Egypt ]

9-Knowing your destination well.

It is advisable to know all the details and information about the places you want to visit and plan and organize your trip, not only through the internet but also by visiting the places yourself such as government sites, travel blogs, and public forums. Know the names of the places you visit and learn some Arabic words for example:

1.Salam or Marhaba: Hello

2.Betetklem inglizi: Do you speak English?

3.Gamil: Nice

4.Ismi: I am… or My name is …

5.Shukran: Thank you

6.Afwan: You are welcome (Shukran’s reply)

10. Are you married?

It is advisable that when you talk to the locals in the tourist places you say you are married because they respect the fact of being married and thus avoid aggression.

11- Avoid Giving Your Personal Information

After chatting with someone it is normal to give them your number or social network such as Facebook or WhatsApp but it is not advisable to talk to the locals afterward.

12-Book your trip to Egypt

Egypt is a mixture of the modern, the ancient in this wonderful country for its ancient and unique history, historical artifacts, cultural adventures, and countless activities that can make the evening until morning. To visit Egypt, you can see our Egypt travel packages, Nile cruises, and see the beautiful gems in timeless cities like Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan.

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