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Tipping in Egypt: All You Need to Know

Tipping in Egypt

Tipping in Egypt ” Baksheesh “

The customs in Egypt are different from the other countries but also some of them sometimes is better to avoid them during your trip or vacation in Egypt like the tips (Bakshesh in Arabic).

Tipping in Egypt is a custom not only for tourists but also for Egyptians. In this article, you will find some useful information about tipping in Egypt and you should keep in mind that tipping is not mandatory.

Who to tip?

Tipping is common all over Egypt especially in tourist places because it is considered as their second salary or some of them don’t have salaries just depending on the tips. You can tip those who help or provide a service to you such as those who carry their bags to the airport and take them to the bus, or employees in hotels such as bellboys, room service, or restaurants.

In restaurants, the maximum tips are 10% of the total bill as a “service charge” on your bill but this 10% is for the restaurant, not the waiter so be sure to tip him and this will depend on your income and is not mandatory.

tipping in egypt

Do you tip at the breakfast buffet in the hotel?

If breakfast is served buffet style (where you select your meals and serve them yourself), then you don’t need to tip. Tipping is usually only in restaurants that offer table service, where a server comes to your table, takes your order, brings your food and drink, etc.

Are tips paid in dollars, euros, or Egyptian pounds?

Tipping can be in dollars, euros, or Egyptian pounds, but not in coins, as foreign currencies cannot be exchanged or used to buy anything. Please note that the number of tips, which is left, should be related to the level of service and satisfaction you.

Other tips in Egypt can be ignored.

  • Watchmen at monuments ask for money to take your picture or at places where taking pictures or a camera pass is forbidden.
  • Children ask for money to tell you an address you know.
  • The locals who approach you and explain, that you have not asked, something about the sites and monuments or offer to show you hidden sites, which you explore without a doubt with your guide, is better to ignore them.

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