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temple of kalabsha

The magnificent Temple of Kalabsha was planned and built during the times of Amenhotep II and Ptolemy IX. The Temple of Kalabsha finished in the first century AD, and its building started in the 2nd millennium BC and continued until the 1st century AD.

Because the Temple’s popularity has increased, it has become the most famous place in the area right around it. You’ll find it on the western side of the High Dam, right on the water’s edge of Lake Nasser. This is also where you’ll be able to get in.

The origin of the Temple of Kalabsha

temple of kalabsha

After the devastating floods in Nubia in 1970, the German federal government gave money to a rescue mission. As part of this project, the Temple was moved to a new spot about 50 kilometers (31 miles) north of where it was before the natural disaster.

Temple’s structure and decorations

the temple of kalabsha

Follow the vast causeway that goes up to the top of the Temple’s first tower to get to the court where the arcades are. Or, you can keep going up the causeway until it reaches the top of the second tower and then turns left.

This bridge has a part that goes out into the water and starts where the bridge first appears, and this extension makes a tunnel that goes under two bodies of water and begins where the bridge first appears.

If you head northwest, you should be able to find what’s left of the Roman kiosk that used to be at Qertassi. It was moved at the same time as the Kalabsha Temple, and as a direct result, the two places no longer have any connection to each other. At the same time, the Kalabsha Temple was also moved.

They’re getting closer to this booth that doesn’t seem very important when they notice two columns in front of them, and on each column is a statue of Hathor. Glue was used to stick these works of art to the tops of the column capitals to stand out more. Tourists can get a fantastic view of Lake Nasser from this particular spot.


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