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Sultan Hassan Mosque

It is very interesting to explore the great civilization of Egypt. The tourist destinations are different in Egypt (historical, Christian, and Islamic). Especially Cairo (the capital of Egypt) contains a mixture of various civilizations.

The pharaonic attractions, churches, and mosques attract many tourists throughout the year. The richness of mosques in Cairo “the city of a thousand minarets” is considered to be the main feature of its civilization.

One of the largest mosques in Cairo is the Sultan Hassan Mosque. It is one of the best examples of Mamluk architecture. This mosque is considered the most beautiful in Cairo.

The History of Sultan Hassan Mosque
In 1356 a Yelbugha palace was built on the same site by Al-Naser Muhammad Ibn Qalaon. Sultan Hassan was the Mamluk governor of Cairo. The Mosque was built by the order of Sultan Hassan in the 14th century between 1356 and 1363.

At the time of its construction, it was notable for its fantastic architecture. It was considered a school of the four Sunni schools of jurisprudence Hanafi, Shafi, Hanbali, Malki. After five years of starting the construction, a minaret collapsed and caused the death of 3 thousand people that is why Sultan Hassan was killed in 1361.

Two years after his death, the construction of his mosque was completed. In 1915 the courtyard, walls, and marble of the Mosque was restored. In 2012 the Mosque was restored by the Ministry of Antiquity of Egypt.

The Construction of the Mosque of Sultan Hassan
The Mosque is famous for its size which occupies 8 thousand m2. It is 35 m high and 150 m long. The highest minaret of the Mosque is 68 meters high. It was built in the Mamluk style. The entrance with a dark corridor leads to an illuminated Sahn (courtyard). The floor plan of the Sahn is in the form of a cross.

In the center of the courtyard, there is a fountain with a dome for ablution (it was an Ottoman addition). There are four vaulted Iwans (rooms) where the four schools used to be. The Iwans are decorated with chain lamps and red and black borders.

The upper part of the Iwan is decorated with Kufic inscriptions. Each Iwan has its own courtyard and four floors of cells for the students. The walls are made of stone and colored marble. The mausoleum of Sultan Hassan is located behind a door decorated with stars.

About Sultan Hassan’s Mosque
The Mosque is one of the great mosques in the world. Its location is in the Square of the Citadel of Saladin in Old Cairo. To build the Mosque was spent 30 thousand dirhams every day.

The Mosque was built with the limestone and marble of the Giza Pyramids. Because of the beauty of the Mosque, the royal family in Egypt built the Al-Rafai Mosque as an imitation of Sultan Hassan’s Mosque.

Excursion to Sultan Hassan Mosque
You can explore the Islamic attractions during your tour in Cairo. You can also check out our travel packages to Egypt or cruise on the Nile to visit other destinations such as Pharaonic destinations in Aswan, Luxor, and Alexandria.

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