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One of the destinations isolated from natural beauty is the Siwa Oasis. It is 600 km from Cairo. It is near the border with Libya, 50 km from the border. It is in the Western Desert of Egypt, 80 km long and 20 km wide. It has more than 30 thousand inhabitants.

Most of its inhabitants are Egyptian Berbers who have their language (which is called Siwi), traditions, and customs. Agriculture is considered the main activity of the oasis and most of its production is dates and olives. It is also noted for its forest fields.

The History of the Siwa Oasis

A necropolis of the XXVI dynasty was discovered in ancient Egypt and was known in this period as “Sekht-am” which means the land of palms. In 331 Alexander the Great went to the temple of Amon in the oasis to find out from the oracle if he was the legal pharaoh of Egypt and the son of the god.

The Romans considered the oasis a place for exiles. It was said that in 1203 only seven families with 40 people lived in the oasis and later there were 600 inhabitants.

The Attractions of the Siwa Oasis

The Temple of Amon: It is famous for the visit of Alexander the Great. It was built in the XXX dynasty. There is the oracle of Amon, which was a medium for the god Amon in ancient Egypt.

Salt Lakes (Maraqi, Siwa, and Zeitun): are salt water pools that float like the Dead Sea.

Cleopatra’s Bath: It is a natural source of freshwater. It was said that Queen Cleopatra bathes in the same place, that is why it is named after her.

The Mountain of the Dead (Gabel al Mawta): it is a necropolis of the Roman Empire of the XXVI dynasty on a hill of sandstone rock.

The Fortress of Siwa: It is the ruins in the modern city of Siwa. It was built with adobe, salt, plaster, and bricks in the thirteenth century. It was destroyed by the rains in the 20th century. It is known as “Shali Ghali”.

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