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Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

There are several attractive destinations in Egypt. One of the cities that is considered a destination of relaxation and tranquility is “The City of Sharm El Sheikh“. It is known as “the City of Peace”. It is one of the tourist and famous cities in Egypt for its beauty and attractions.

It is on the coast of the Red Sea in the Sinai Peninsula currently between the Red Sea coast and Mount Sinai. It is in the province of “Janub Sinai”. Sharm El Sheikh has more than 35 thousand inhabitants.

It is 480 km2 and is 500 km from Cairo. It is famous for being one of the most popular diving destinations in the world.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

The Climate of Sharm El Sheikh

The climate in Sharm El Sheikh is pleasant all year round and therefore it is a recommendable destination for all tourists thanks to the sea breeze. The average winter temperature is 23 C and it rains but not much.

The average temperature in spring is 26 C and the climate is perfect and is considered the best time to visit Sharm El Sheikh which continues until the end of summer and autumn.

The History of Sharm El Sheikh

In the past, Sharm El Sheikh was a fishing village and later converted to an Egyptian Navy base because of its strategic location. Israel occupied Sharm El Sheikh in 1956 and Egypt recovered it in 1957. Between 1967 it was occupied by Israel again and was known as “Mifratz Shlomo” which means Gulf of Solomon until the Camp David Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel in 1982.

It was the site of the Middle East Peace conferences and was the place where the agreement to restore the Palencia government over the Gaza Strip was signed in 1999. In 2000 it hosted the second summit after the Palestinian intifada.

In 2005, an Arab summit was held between Israel and Palestine. It was also the place where President Hosni Mubarak resigned from power. Tourism is currently the main industry in Sharm El Sheikh.

The Climate of Sharm El Sheikh

The Attractions of Sharm El Sheikh

The marine life of Sharm El Sheikh is quite magical, beautiful, and diverse because it contains 1000 species of fish and 250 different types of coral reefs. The city has more than 90 tourist resorts in the city or its surroundings, and most of them are 5-star resorts.

The city is home to the most fun and wildest nightlife scenes, as well as natural Bedouin culture. Sharm El Sheik is the ideal place for anyone looking for an unforgettable and ideal vacation.

1-Ras Muhammad National Park

It is 20 km from Sharm El Sheikh. It is considered a peninsula with several water sports sites. It is the best destination for those who want to dive and snorkel and enjoy the underwater beauty. It contains more than 220 species of coral.

Ras Muhammad National Park

2-Naama Bay

A natural bay that is considered a beach where you can find cafes, restaurants, bazaars, hotels, and clubs that party from midnight to dawn.

Naama Bay

3-Sharks Bay (the sharks)

It’s north of Naama Bay. It is famous for its resorts, 5-star luxury hotels, and Soho Square Center. It is the best destination for those seeking peace.

Sharks Bay


It is 80 km from Sharm El Sheikh. It is the best destination for divers. It is divided into three parts; Masbat (Bedouin village), Mashraba (tourist hotels), and lagoons (the best windsurfing destination).


5-The Blue Hole

It is the most famous site in the world for diving and known for its abundance of rare coral reefs and colorful fish that became a refuge for all the divers in the world due to its depth of more than 100 m and the lack of current that made it the ultimate challenge for any professional diver.

the blue hole

6-The Nabq Protectorate

It is north of Sharm El Sheikh. It is a protected natural area since 1992. It is the best destination for relaxation. It is a residence of animals, birds, and fish.

The Nabq Protectorate

5-Ras Um Sid

It is the most famous beach in the city. It is the best destination for diving and snorkeling and enjoys the view of the redfish.

Ras Um Sid

6-Thomas Reef

It is famous for the abundance of colorful underwater life, wonderful fish, and collars where you can enjoy interesting water sports.

Thomas Reef

7-Yolanda Reef

He is known as “Yolanda Reef”. It is the most famous destination for diving in the north of the Red Sea. Yolanda is an old boat that fell in 1980. Yolanda Reef contains the Shark Reef Coral Gardens.

Yolanda Reef

What to do in Sharm El Sheikh?

The most famous activities in Sharm El Sheikh are water sports such as diving and snorkeling. The marine life in Sharm El Sheikh is very beautiful because of the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea, the fish, and colorful corals.

Also, the springs are the best places for tranquility and relaxation. And the nightlife in Sharm El Sheikh, and walkers in its bazaars, enjoy the restaurants and clubs that are open all night.

The most outstanding adventure in Sharm El Sheikh is Quad Safari in the Sinai desert where you can experience Bedouin life and dine under the stars of the dark desert sky. Also the visits to Mount Sinai, St. Catherine’s Monastery, the Canyon of Colors, and more of the attractions and adventures of Sinai.

Sharm El Sheikh offers other visits to the history of Egypt in other majestic cities such as Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria to complete the experience of the trip.

A Magical Vacation in Sharm El Sheikh

Enjoy the natural beauty that highlights each destination in Sharm El Sheikh with its wonderful activities to achieve maximum joy, relaxation through a tour in Sharm El Sheikh. If you are looking for other adventures in the history of the country check out our Egypt travel packages or Nile cruises and book the trip you deserve.

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