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Kom Ombo Temple

The History of the Kom Ombo Temple

The Kom Ombo Temple is one of the most unique temples in Aswan and probably in Egypt. Kom Ombo means the heap of gold; the word Kom means heap in Arabic and the word Ombo means gold in the ancient Egyptian language.

It was built in the Greco-Roman era from 205 to 180 BC in the time of King Ptolemy V with additions later during the Roman era. It is located on the eastern bank of the Nile River, 45 kilometers north of the city of Aswan.

The Kom Ombo Temple is considered to be very special and one of this type which is a temple of double design and divided into two identical sectors dedicated to two gods; the southern part is dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek (the patron of fertility) accompanied by the goddess Hator and the god Jonsu.

The northern part is dedicated to the god “Hor-Wer” the protector of the pharaohs and Egypt. It was also built to confirm Ptolemaic sovereignty and supremacy throughout the country.

The Construction of the Temple of Kom Ombo

The construction of the Kom Ombo Temple is very rare. It consists of two sectors, but they are two independent temples. The temple was built in the rectangular form of limestone like most temples in ancient Egypt. The design of the temple is almost perfectly symmetrical with two groaning shrines with two parallel passages leading out of the temple.

It consists of an open courtyard, hypostyle room, three interior rooms, vestibules, small rooms used for various rituals, and two main sanctuaries dedicated to the gods “Sobek and Hor-Wer”. The temple contains many beautiful images and decorations on the walls and columns including Ptolemy VIII and Ptolemy XII kneeling in front of the gods. The Ptolemaic dynasty built the temple as a symbol of their glory.

Tours to the Kom Ombo Temple

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