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Kharga Oasis

Kharga Oasis Information:

What is the largest oasis in Egypt?

The most outstanding oasis in Egypt is Kharga Oasis.

The oases of Egypt considered a very important tourist destination.

Kharga Egypt considered the largest oasis in Egypt.

Kharga Oasis egypt

Where is the great oasis, al Kharga Oasis?

It is in the Western Desert, 200 km from the valley of the Nile so it is the closest oasis in the valley, it is 602 km from Cairo.

The most populated oasis in Egypt with more than 100 thousand inhabitants. knowHow many Egypt Oases are?

Moreover, is famous for ceramics, the capital of the province of “Wadi El-Gedid” which means the New Valley.

The History of Kharga Oasis:

Ancient Egyptians knew Kharga Oasis as the Southern Oasis but by the Romans, known as the Oasis Magna.

It was important in ancient Egypt.

Its importance started from being a transit point for caravans in the 12th Dynasty.

The caravans passed through the Forty Way that passes inside Egypt and Sudan.

The Oasis flourished in the 12th Dynasty and considered a refuge for Christians from persecution by the Roman Empire also during this Roman period fortified cities of various sizes, temples, and necropoleis built.

The famous dagger of King Tutankhamen is made of meteorite iron from al Kharga Oasis.

The Greek historian Herodotus mentioned that the Oasis is the place where the Persian king Campus and his army rested on their way, before they disappeared, to destroy the temple of Amun-Zeus in Siwa Oasis.

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The Temples at Kharga Oasis:

The Temples in Kharga Oasis

The Museum of Antiquities: where objects from the prehistoric period to the Islamic period that discovered in,

Moreover, Exhibited, and built with Christian style and architecture.

The Temple of Hibis: The city of Hibis was the capital al Kharga Egypt.

This temple is the only thing that remains of this city.

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It built in the XXV Dynasty, dedicated to the gods Amon, Mut, and Junsu.

Located in the hypostyle room with reliefs of the god Set and the corridor, there are sphinxes, patios, and a sanctuary.

The Necropolis of El Bagwat

Cemetery of El Bagawat in Kharga Egypt

A Christian cemetery that has more than 263 adobe tombs from the 4th to the 6th century.

On its walls, it has paintings that tell of the departure of the Israelis from Egypt, Moreover, to Kharga Oasis.

Qasr Al Ghuita

The sand temple that built in the XXV dynasty dedicated to the gods Amun,

Mut, and Junsu, and also reliefs of the god Haby and some symbols of the nomos of High Egypt.

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Qasr Al Zayan

A Greco-Roman temple of sandstone dedicated to the god Amon.

Moreover, contains a courtyard with a sanctuary and a chamber with a staircase.

A majestic tourist place in Egypt Moreover, that had its importance in the civilization of Egypt.


Kharga Oasis Map

Kharga Oasis map


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