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How To Spend Honeymoon In Egypt

honeymoon egypt

Did you get married and are looking for where to spend your honeymoon? Here is the perfect destination, Egypt honeymoon! Many couples prefer to spend their honeymoon in Egypt. It is the land of the pharaohs, a unique land with spectacular landscapes and unmissable historical places.

Indeed, it is a country that has so much to offer its visitors, from fascinating deserts to beautiful beaches and coral reefs and from temples and historical places to modern attractions. Here the past merges with the present and gives you a journey to remember forever.

So if you are looking for ideas to enjoy a romantic getaway or Egypt honeymoon packages, We offer you special packages to Egypt so you can enjoy these important dates and create unforgettable memories with your partner. Traveling as a couple gives you an overdose of excitement as you visit wonders of the world like the Pyramids and the ancient temples in Luxor and explore a new and different culture. Explore as a couple and enjoy twice as much! Top Honeymoon Offers Egypt & 2023

Top Egypt Honeymoon Destinations:


honeymoon in egypt

Cairo, The capital city, tops the list of the most romantic Egypt honeymoon itinerary. The pyramid complex, Egyptian museum, and architecture from ancient times make Cairo a great favorite among honeymooners, and it is located on the banks of the Nile River.

Romantic things to do in Cairo, Spend a romantic evening at the Cairo Opera House, take a tour of Aquarium Grotto Garden, the only fish garden in Cairo, take a romantic walk around Kobry QSR El Nil, and Take a fascinating felucca ride across the Nile River into the sunset.

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Egypt honeymoon

It is a tourist city located on the coast of the Red Sea. Hurghada is famous thanks to its crystal clear beaches and beautiful coral reefs. Tourism is the primary industry in this area, so you will find many resort hotels that treat honeymooners with special attention.

You can also do other fun activities as a couple, such as exploring the Rhea Sea, visiting the paradisiacal Islands of Hurghada (Giftun Islands), playing with dolphins in Dolphin World, or simply taking a romantic walk along the famous coastline at sunset.

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3-Sahl Hasheesh

Egypt honeymoon

It is a bay located near Hurghada, approximately 18 km away, where there is also a tourist complex that bears the same name. Sahl Hasheesh is designed in an arabesque style, offering honeymooners various luxury hotels and residences. Although the resort offers many water activities, its spectacular pristine sandy beaches are the main attraction.

4-El Gouna

Egypt honeymoon

El Gouna is a great resort, which looks like a private island made to enjoy a lot of tranquility and peace. El Gouna has different types of lodging, such as luxurious hotels, houses, apartments, and residential complexes. In this tourist complex, you will also find villas with private pools with beautiful views.

Likewise, it houses some of the best restaurants in the area. El Gouna has everything a couple wants: privacy, relaxation, fun, romance, and maximum comfort. The town boasts many romantic resorts, spas, mangrove beaches, and golf clubs. Spend romantic moments on the sunny beaches lying on the sand with your partner, embracing the wonder.

El Gouna pursues a millennia-old effort to offer newlyweds a warm greeting. Expect a sweet mix of romance, fun, and excitement as you make your way to this part of Egypt known for its easy access to water and variety of water activities. The presence of vast lagoons and waterways means that you and your partner will have a romantic time sailing through the Red Sea.

5-Marsa Alam

Egypt honeymoon

Marsa Alam is a tourist city considered a perfect destination for diving (especially with sharks). It has from very luxurious hotels to eco-lodges and tents in the middle of the desert. It can be said that this resort caters to the demands of all types of travelers. Diving is a highly sought-after activity on this site.

However, if diving is not your thing, there are magnificent places to visit, such as the famous natural pool, Al-Naizak, El Qulan mangrove forest, and Sharm El Luli beach. On any of these beaches, you will have an incredible time sunbathing on the fine sand. At night, don’t hesitate to relax with your partner watching the stars reflected in the sea.

6-Marsa Matrouh- Agiba Beach

Egypt honeymoon

Agiba means “miracle” in Arabic, and Agiba beach is about 24 km west of Marsa Matrouh. It’s just that it is a small but spectacular cove, accessible only through a path that descends from the top of the cliff, where it represents a lot of privacy and distance from traffic noise and allows you to unite with your soulmate in a very distinctive way and in addition to the beautiful photo opportunities in those places and moments.


honeymoon in Egypt

This place is ideal for relaxed couples enjoying nature and the little things. Dahab is a small city located on the southeastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula, and it is known as one of the best diving destinations in Sinai. But that is not the only activity you can do in Dahab.

This town is the starting point for several nearby destinations you cannot miss. For example: climb Mount Catherine and enjoy a romantic sunset from the highest mountain in Egypt. You can also go on safari in the middle of the desert or relax with your partner in the Blue Hole of Dahab or on the pristine island of Ras Abu Galum.

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8-Sharm El-Sheikh

honeymoon in Egypt

Sharm El-Sheikh is a tourist city located on the southeastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula. It is the perfect destination for honeymooners, with a wide range of romantic resorts and spas. Enjoy unique fish and colorful coral reefs in Ras Mohamed National Park, one of Egypt’s most famous diving areas. Since Sharm El-Sheikh is only an hour from Dahab, you can also go climbing Mount Catherine or explore the desert.

The city is known for its cozy resorts, turquoise waters, coral reefs, and sandy beaches. Sharm El Sheikh is located between the desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea, making it a popular choice among the best honeymoon destinations in Egypt. Do not forget to plan an underwater diving session with your loved one here because this place is also one of the best diving spots in the world.

Romantic things to do in Sharm El Sheikh: take a desert safari, take a tour of Naama Bay (witness the sunrise view in the mountains of Moises, sail across the sea in Ras Mohamed National Park and try some adventurous activities such as snorkeling, diving in the Red Sea, glass-bottom boat cruise, and coral reef viewing.

9-Siwa Oasis

Egypt honeymoon

An urban oasis in Egypt, Siwa sits between the Great Sand Sea in the Western Desert and the Qattara Depression. This picturesque location in Egypt is one of the best places in Egypt for a honeymoon. Come with your partner and enjoy a rejuvenating and relaxing sand bath here and Visit Gebel al-Mawta.

There is only 50 meters from the border with Libya and about 25 meters above sea level in a beautiful place full of trees and palms. A place like something out of your imagination.

Away from the urban noise and the disturbance of people only dedicated to you and your soulmate with the refreshing breezes that make the environment more suitable for a romantic dinner and the fire is the method of heating the night; with many bi-lateral activities both in the morning such as sand skiing, camel riding or even biking and other fun activities as well as in the evening such as camping. Create an atmosphere of adventure and enjoy the exclusive nature of which Siwa is immeasurable, the clear sky so that you can enjoy with your spouse to the extent that there is no limit to it.

10-Luxor and Aswan

Those couples who share that fascination with history will significantly appreciate a trip to Luxor and Aswan. The best way to see these ruins without losing the romantic atmosphere is by boarding a Nile cruise. Usually, these cruises take you to the main attractions. Go back in time by looking at the ruins of ancient Egyptian temples and monuments while enjoying yourself on the beautiful banks of the Nile.

Romantic things to do in Luxor and Aswan: Take a hot air balloon ride, explore the world’s largest open-air museum, explore the archaeological wonder of the ancient city, and attend the sound and light show at Karnak temple.

Enjoy your trip to Egypt to see life in Luxor and Aswan with a Nile cruise trip that will take you to the heart of Egypt by visiting Luxor, which is called the largest open-air museum in the world, and enjoying the west bank, where you can see the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

You will be able to learn about their customs about marriage, the rituals of why they were kings and queens, and the Colossi of Memnon. They would then move to the eastern bank where the Temple of Karnak the Great and the beautiful Luxor Temple, which was recently discovered and was covered in sand, is located; along the granite statue of King Ramses II; to resume navigation in the air of Egypt of surprises with your partner, who joins the Cruise on the Nile, then to Aswan, where different cultures and a diffuse beauty that has no end where you will not only be amazed by the presence in Abydos, Dendera and the outstanding Temple of Horus in Edfu and Kom Ombo, as well as the famous Temple of Philae.

In Aswan, you will visit the famous Abu Simbel temple, Nubian houses, colorful neighborhoods with stunning views of the Nile River, smiling faces everywhere, friendly people, unique shopping places, and extraordinary things like “rare herbs, incense, traditional Egyptian cuisine, and others.” Creativity is about the experience of entirely different things, such as drawing henna and leading a flock hiking the Nile, and seeing the well-known folk performances in Aswan, as well as Nubian dance performances and their different language and distinctive tone and even music and others.

Tips for your honeymoon in Egypt

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • If you are going on a cruise, it is worth spending a little more and hiring the most expensive one you can afford. You will notice it in the quality of the boats.
  • Don’t let the salesmen or tip seekers get to you; they can be annoying. Don’t take it badly and don’t lose your friendliness because they can make your visit more difficult. Say “no, thank you” (“La, shukran” ) politely and be on your way.
  • People will probably tell you that it is boiling there, and it is, but don’t worry about it; once you are there, you will get used to it in no time.
  • Egypt offers many spectacular places that would be worth visiting but would take a long time, so organizing well and deciding what you want to see is advisable.













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