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Hidden Gems in Egypt: 11 Secret Places to See in Egypt in 2024

Hidden Gems in Egypt

Hidden Gems in Egypt never cease to amaze anyone who visits. With majestic, centuries-old temples and fascinating deserts, Egypt is an unmatched country. We all might have been familiar with Egypt, as it is home to the world’s most magnificent civilization and enchanting historical sites. Places like the Pyramid of Giza and Luxor will surely ring a bell. However, there are a lot of off-the-radar places in Egypt that are worth exploring. Take a peek at their mysterious beauty and get ready for a thrilling adventure. Here are the nine best Egypt hidden gems that would leave you in awe. Check them out for your next trip to Egypt!

1- Kom El-Shoqafa Catacombs

Hidden Gems in Egypt

Location: Alexandria

Stepping into this ancient site transports you to the realms of a Tomb Raider adventure! The Kom El-Shoqafa Catacombs, an underground burial site with roots in both Egyptian and Roman civilizations, hails from the second century and holds esteemed recognition as one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages. Standing out among Egypt’s historical landmarks, these catacombs are exceptional in their amalgamation of diverse cultures.

A symphony of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman influences permeates the catacombs. The entrances and stairways are adorned with statues reflecting both Egyptian and Roman aesthetics, accompanied by pillars crafted in the Roman style. The walls bear intricate carvings depicting tales from Egyptian and Greek mythology. As a result, the Catacombs of Kom El-Shoqafa stand as one of Egypt’s best-kept treasures, showcasing a captivating blend of historical influences.

2- Shali Fortress

Hidden Gems in Egypt

Location: Siwa

It’s perplexing how this captivating fortress in Egypt manages to elude mainstream attention. Nestled in the heart of the Siwa oasis, Shali Fortress stands as a bewitching testament to history. Constructed between the 12th and 13th centuries, it once served as the stronghold of the Siwi people. Since 1926, when a significant flood struck the area, the fortress has remained abandoned. Nevertheless, its ruins have transformed into a captivating historical site and an enticing viewpoint that draws the curious.

Shali Fortress boasts a distinctive architectural style reminiscent of traditional desert dwellings. Constructed primarily with kershef—a blend of salt, mud, and sand—it stands out as one of Egypt’s most unique attractions.

3- The Tombs of the Nobles

Hidden Gems in Egypt

Location: Aswan

Often overshadowed by more prominent tourist destinations, the Tombs of the Nobles present a splendid alternative to the Valley of the Kings. Offering a tranquil ambiance, this site hosts ancient tombs dating back to the Old and Middle Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt. These tombs feature elegant entrance halls, captivating pillared rooms, and remarkable funerary chambers, serving as the final resting places for governors, administrators, and noblemen of ancient times.

Situated on the west bank of the Nile River, access to the tombs typically involves a scenic boat journey. However, navigating the complex may require the assistance of a knowledgeable guide. With several tombs awaiting exploration, this site promises an authentic and less touristy experience for those seeking a deeper dive into Egypt’s rich history.

4- Cave of Beasts

Hidden Gems in Egypt

Location: Wadi Sura

For those seeking a departure from the usual temples and tombs, the Cave of Beasts in Wadi Sura offers a captivating alternative. This centuries-old cave, dating back to the Neolithic period, is adorned with intriguing illustrations. Nestled in the heart of an arid desert, the Cave of Beasts stands as one of Egypt’s most enchanting destinations, serving as a timeless monument to ancient human civilization.

A visit to the Cave of Beasts allows you to marvel at the murals gracing its walls. Rich with depictions of humans and animals, the cave showcases scenes from everyday life, including cooking and dancing. Undoubtedly, this unique hidden gem in Egypt is well worth exploring.

5- Wadi El-Weshwash

Hidden Gems in Egypt

Location: South Sinai

A true embodiment of a ‘hidden gem,’ Wadi El-Weshwash in South Sinai unveils its magic tucked amidst granite mountains. Here, a shimmering turquoise pool of water emerges like an oasis, providing a refreshing contrast to the surrounding arid landscape. The waters of Wadi El-Weshwash’s natural pool are not only warm and safe but also crystal clear, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in this unique hidden beauty.

To reach Wadi El-Weshwash, embark on a jeep tour to Sinai and follow it up with a 90-minute hike through the valleys of South Sinai. Along the way, the breathtaking Colored Canyons will also captivate your senses. The journey culminates with the rewarding sight of the turquoise natural pools, making the extended hike a worthwhile adventure.

6- Blue Desert

Hidden Gems in Egypt

Location: Sinai

Prepare to be mesmerized by the surreal landscape of Sinai’s Blue Desert! Amidst the sandy expanse, a multitude of vibrant blue boulders stands as a testament to artistic ingenuity. While their beauty may seem otherworldly, these boulders are, in fact, an art installation crafted by Belgian artist Jean Verame. Erected following the Peace Agreement, they symbolize peace with their radiant blue hue, contrasting against the desert’s golden sands.

The Blue Desert ranks among Egypt’s most exceptional destinations, yet remains largely undiscovered by many tourists, making it a true hidden gem. The startling contrast of the azure boulders against the arid desert backdrop creates a scene of breathtaking wonder, providing ample opportunities for unforgettable photographs.

7- Salt Mountain

Hidden Gems in Egypt

Location: Port Fouad

Embark on an extraordinary journey to Salt Mountain, an unparalleled marvel nestled in the northern Egyptian town of Port Fouad. This hidden gem, often overlooked by tourists, unveils a landscape dominated by gleaming white salt mountains, reminiscent of a snowy terrain in a country renowned for its hot desert climate.

To witness the ethereal beauty of Salt Mountain, travelers can embark on a ferry ride through the iconic Suez Canal. Once there, a plethora of activities awaits, from capturing stunning photographs to indulging in skiing adventures amidst the salt-covered slopes. Salt Mountain offers a unique opportunity to experience the allure of a snowy landscape without enduring the chill of frigid temperatures.

8- Abdeen Palace

Hidden Gems in Egypt

Location: Cairo

Venture into Cairo and discover one of Egypt’s most opulent hidden treasures, Abdeen Palace. Serving as the presidential residence, this palace once housed the Egyptian royal family. Adorned with captivating, extravagant architecture, Abdeen Palace is a testament to grandeur both inside and out, standing as one of the most resplendent castles in the Middle East.

Despite its presidential status, portions of Abdeen Palace and its museum are open to the public. Within its halls, visitors are treated to a stunning array of artifacts and treasures, including regal porcelain and exquisite silverware. Additionally, the museum boasts gifts from around the globe, from a Samurai crown gifted by Japan to elegant European jewelry, adding to the palace’s allure.

9- Elphinstone Reef

Location: Red Sea

Nestled within the renowned waters of the Red Sea lies Elphinstone Reef, a hidden gem awaiting exploration. Situated approximately 12 miles off Marsa Alam, this reef remains relatively undiscovered despite its breathtaking beauty, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and avid divers alike.

Teeming with diverse marine life, Elphinstone Reef offers a mesmerizing underwater experience. From vibrant blue damselfish to elusive moray eels, and even encounters with white-tip and hammerhead sharks, the reef’s ecosystem is rich and captivating. The coral reefs add to the allure, creating an otherworldly underwater landscape that beckons adventurers from around the globe. For diving enthusiasts, Elphinstone Reef stands as one of Egypt’s premier destinations, promising an unforgettable journey beneath the waves.

10- Djara Cave

Hidden Gems in Egypt

Location: El-Dakhla Oasis

Nestled within the heart of the Western Desert lies the Djara Cave, a hidden gem offering a unique escape from the bustling tourist trails of Egypt. With its awe-inspiring ceiling adorned with limestone stalactites, this cavernous wonder demands attention alongside the country’s more renowned attractions. Situated between the captivating Bahariya Oasis and Assiut, Djara Cave stands as one of the world’s most significant caves, inviting exploration into its ancient depths.

Discovered by German explorer Gerha Red Rolfes in 1873, Djara Cave reveals a mesmerizing landscape of stalagmites and stalactites, bearing witness to the passage of time. Adorned with primitive drawings depicting hunting scenes and daily life, the cave serves as a testament to past civilizations that once inhabited its surroundings.

11- Colored Canyon

Hidden Gems in Egypt

Location: Nuweiba

Nestled in the serene village of Nuweiba, amidst the tranquil beauty of Egypt, lies the mesmerizing Colored Canyon, a natural wonder waiting to be discovered. Standing tall with rocks reaching heights of up to 40 meters, this canyon network offers a captivating blend of colors that paint its walls in hues of purple, magenta, red, and yellow. While Sinai boasts renowned beaches and water sports, the Colored Canyon remains an underrated gem deserving a spot on every traveler’s itinerary.

Embarking on a hiking adventure through this breathtaking landscape unveils a kaleidoscope of colors within the canyon’s depths. Equipped with ample water and a camera to capture the canyon’s beauty, visitors are treated to an unforgettable journey through nature’s masterpiece.

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