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Farafra Oasis

Farafra Oasis

Farafra Oasis Travel Guide

Oases are the great treasure of the Western Desert in Egypt, The Farafra Oasis has a natural beauty of its own.

It is in the west of Egypt between the oases of Dakhla and Bahariya,180 km from the Black Desert, 170 km from the Bahariya Oasis, Cairo to Farafra 627 km from Cairo.

Has more than 5 thousand inhabitants of Bedouins. Their houses built in the traditional way of adobe.

Farafra Egypt Contains more than 100 wells of hot water that most of which used in irrigation.

The History of Farafra Oasis Egypt

It knew by the ancient Egyptians as “Ta-Iht” which means the land of the cow by its goddess Hathor.

Farafra Oasis Egypt knew by the pharaohs and mentioned in the inscriptions of the temples as in “the Temple of Karnak”

All you need to know in detail about Egypt Oases

The occupation of Farafra by the Libyan troops in the period of the pharaoh Amenhotep (son of Ramses II) mentioned in the Temple of Luxor.

Farafra Oasis Egypt

It mentioned as the origin of minerals and in the Temple of Edfu, the seven oases and Ti-iht to the northwest of Khenmet (Dakhla Oasis) mentioned.

There are some ruins of the Roman Empire in the place, such as temples, tombs, and palaces.

It was also the refuge of the Copts from the Roman persecution.

In the Islamic period, the oasis flourished because of the trade-in dates, tea, and olives between the oasis and the Nile.


Best 5 places to visit in Farafra Oasis Egypt

1. The Hot Springs:

like Bir Sitta (the most famous spring in the oasis for its ideal hot water), Ain Bishay (since Roman times and used for irrigation), and Abu Nus (the big tourist lake for relaxation and swimming).

2. The Museum of Badr:

It is where there are the sculptures of artist “Badr”, his sculptures made of stone, mud, and sand. He also makes objects that reflect the traditional life in Farafra.

Farafra Oasis
Black and White Desert Egypt

3. The White Desert Farafra Oasis Egypt:

It is to the north of Farafra. It was below sea level so you can find fossils of marine animals among the rocks, covered with white limestone from sandstorms, that is why it called White Desert.

One of the best-known rocks is “The finger of God” or “Al Qubar”, which is a 20m high rock that resembles a finger in the sandy heart of the Western Desert. read now Travel To Egypt 2022.

How hot is the White Desert?

reaches high temperatures of 90°F (32°C).

4. The Black Desert Farafra Oasis:

It covered with black rocks due to volcanic activity for thousands of years.

The English Mountain considered the highest part of the Black Desert.

5. The Crystal Mountain:

It is between the White Desert and the Black Desert. It is formed from the rock crystals of Cacita.


Farafra Oasis
Farafra Oasis map

Visit Farafra Oasis and the Egyptian Attractions

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