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Top Egypt Souvenirs: What to Buy in Egypt As Souvenir in 2024/2025

Egypt Souvenirs

The best Egypt Souvenirs are the ones that take you back to your trip. Whether it’s a miniature pyramid or a piece of jewelry, these items will remind you of Egypt for years to come. Here’s our list of the top 20 souvenirs in Egypt.

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What are the most popular souvenirs in Egypt?

It depends on who you ask, but here are some of the most common answers: Egyptian Papyrus; Egyptian-made cotton clothing; Coptic crucifixes, rosaries, and other religious items; Sphinx replicas; Alabaster bowls; Sandstone scarabs (also known as “scarab beetles”); Printed silk scarves featuring traditional designs or historic sites.

Bedouin crafts: include jewelry, pottery, and other handmade items.

Pharaonic statues: This is a must-have for history buffs and fans of Egyptian art. You’ll find these in museums around Egypt or at souvenir shops in Cairo and Luxor.

Papyrus scrolls: These are great for anyone who loves to write or wants something cool to hang on their souvenirs from the Egyptian bazaars – carpets, spices, and jewelry

The Egyptian bazaar is one of the most popular places to buy souvenirs in Egypt. You can find everything from carpets and rugs to spices, incense, jewelry, and fabrics to ceramics and Papyrus scrolls here. You can even buy traditional wooden toys or games that will remind you of your trip back home.

1- Egyptian Papyrus

Egypt Souvenirs

You might not know it, but you’ve probably seen Papyrus in your travels. It’s a long, thin reed that grows in the Nile River and is used to make paper in ancient Egypt. Today it’s still used to make paper and baskets, and souvenirs!

Papyrus is easy to find at souvenir shops throughout Egypt. You can buy sheets of it as art or craft supplies for yourself or as gifts for others (or both). Some vendors will even paint them with designs before selling them to tourists; these painted papyri cost more than plain ones but are also more attractive and worth considering if you’re looking for something special to take home.

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2- Egyptian-Made Cotton Clothing

Egypt Souvenirs

Egyptian cotton is known for softness and quality, and it’s popular in Egypt and made into clothing, bedding, towels, and upholstered furniture. Since ancient times, the Egyptiansdyeddyeing cotton used natural dyes like indigo or madder root extract. These vibrant colors are often used on traditional garments such as galabeyas (loose-fitting robes) or kaftans (long coats).

3- Carpets and Rugs

Egypt Souvenirs

Egypt is the place to go if you’re looking for carpets and rugs. The best ones are made in Luxor and Cairo, but you can purchase them in all the bazaars around the country.

4- Coptic Crucifixes, Rosaries, and other Religious items

Coptic crosses, rosaries, and other religious items are popular souvenirs in Egypt. The Coptic Church has a long history of selling religious items to tourists as they represent a large portion of their income. The Coptic Church is the largest Christian church in the Middle East, with an estimated 9 million members worldwide.

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5- Sphinx Replicas

Egypt Souvenirs

Sphinx replicas are a popular souvenir, and they’re made from gypsum. The Sphinx is an iconic Egyptian monument that has been the subject of many works of art throughout history. It’s no surprise that these statues have become so popular as souvenirs!

You can find these replicas in many sizes and designs. Some are made to look carved out of stone with details such as eyes and nose holes, while others are painted white or gold to give them a more realistic appearance (these tend to be less expensive than their stone counterparts). Some even come with lights inside them, so they glow at night! These statues make great gifts for friends back home who love Egypt as much as you do–they’ll appreciate having something tangible from your trip there, if nothing else!

Sphinxes are also very affordable compared with other types of souvenir statues, so if space is limited on your travels. However, consider getting one if you still want something special for yourself or someone who went along with you on this fantastic journey through history.

6- Alabaster Bowls

Egypt Souvenirs

Alabaster bowls are made from a white stone called alabaster. They are used to serve food and drinks, but they’re also decorative objects that you can find in many Egyptian markets. Alabasters are usually made in Egypt and come in various shapes and sizes.

7- Sandstone Scarabs

Egypt Souvenirs

Sandstone scarabs are a popular souvenir in Egypt. The ancient Egyptians used these artifacts as amulets or good luck charms. They often depict the image of a beetle and were carved into various shapes and sizes. Some sandstone scarabs are shaped like beetles, while others appear as actual scarab beetles themselves!

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed by sand particles compressing together over time through pressure from above (from other rocks) and below (from water). This process happens over millions of years and results in different types of sedimentary rocks, such as limestone or shale, depending on where it was formed geographically; however, all types share common properties, such as being made up primarily from minerals like calcite or quartz, which give them their characteristic coloration when polished smooth enough so that light reflects off its surface at certain angles creating a shimmering effect called iridescence.

8- Printed silk scarves featuring traditional designs or historic sites.

Egypt Souvenirs

In Egypt, scarves are trendy and can be used for many years. They’re great souvenirs because you can use them in many different ways: as a wrap around your head or neck, a shawl over your shoulders, or even a scarf around your face to protect you from dust when riding camels in the desert!

The most common type of Egyptian silk scarf has traditional designs like lotus flowers and birds. However, there are also more modern prints featuring famous sites such as the pyramids at Giza or mosques in Cairo; these make great gifts for friends back home who have visited Egypt before (or if they haven’t yet been there).

9- Leather Sandals and Belts are Made in Egypt.

Egypt Souvenirs

The best place to buy them is in Luxor. You can find them at the local markets and shops or buy them from shops in the city, such as Khan el-Khalili Market or Egyptian Museum Souvenir Shop.

Where to buy souvenirs in Egypt – best markets and shops

  • Khan al-Khalili Bazaar in Cairo
  • Souq al-Haggag in Luxor
  • Nubian markets of Aswan
  • Sidi Gaber market in Alexandria
  • Sinai Bedouin market

Tips for bargaining and Negotiating prices

Egypt is a great place to buy souvenirs. There are items from every price range, and you can find everything from traditional clothing to jewelry and artwork. Here are some tips for bargaining:

  • Be prepared to walk away if the price is too high. It may be time to move on if you have been negotiating for a while and feel the vendor isn’t budging on their asking price. The vendor will usually call out after you walk away, and you can return later if they change their mind about lowering their asking price.
  • Be polite and friendly but firm when trying to get a discount or special deal on an item that doesn’t seem very expensive at first glance but has been marked up considerably due to its popularity among tourists; this includes things like scarves made by local women cooperatives or jewelry created by local artists who sell their wares directly from stands set up along busy streets throughout Cairo’s historic downtown district known locally as “Old Cairo.”

How to pack and transport souvenirs safely

Use a hard-sided suitcase or duffel bag. A suitcase with a hard shell is the best way to transport your souvenir purchases safely and securely. Pack liquids in plastic bags. If you are buying souvenirs that contain liquid, such as perfumes or oils, make sure they are packaged in a plastic bag before placing them inside your luggage so that no leakage occurs during travel. Put all liquid bottles into one large Ziploc bag; this will help keep their contents from spilling out all over your other belongings. If any damage is sustained during the flight, any damaged items should be in separate compartments from clothing items.* Pack heavier items on the bottom of your bag.* Don’t pack fragile items in checked luggage

Unique souvenirs to buy in different parts of Egypt – Sinai, Luxor, and Cairo

  1. Camel figurines and toys: You can find these in most souvenir shops in Egypt.
  2. Handmade jewelry: souvenir you can buy handmade silver jewelry with an ancient Egyptian design. It’s a great way to commemorate your trip!
  3. Silver jewelry: You’ll also find some beautiful pieces of silver jewelry at shops around Cairo and Alexandria (as well as o parts of Egypt).
  4. Sandalwood incense: If you want something more exotic than the usual perfumes or candles, why not try sandalwood incense? It smells amazing!

Souvenir scams to avoid in Egypt

  • Be wary of merchants who invite you to their homes.
  • Avoid buying from street vendors who approach you and offer to sell you something.
  • Avoid buying from children on the street, as there is no way of knowing if they have been forced into selling by an adult (or several adults). If you see a child begging for money or food, offer them something instead of buying something from them- it’s better not to encourage this behavior at all!
  • Avoid buying anything from anyone who approaches you with a sob story about needing money, especially if they have an item in their hand already priced much higher than it should be.

Advice for souvenir shoppers in Egypt.

Egypt Souvenirs

  • Buy souvenirs that are authentic and not fake.
  • Buy souvenirs that are made in Egypt.
  • Buy souvenirs that local artisans make.
  • Buy souvenirs from the local artisans’ materials, such as wood or pottery, instead of plastic or metal.
  • If you’re looking for something specific like jewelry or clothing, find out if an artist designed the item from Egypt before purchasing it; otherwise, you might end up with something generic (and cheap) imported from China instead!

There are many great souvenirs to buy in Egypt.

The best place to find souvenirs is at the markets, particularly Khan al-Khalili Bazaar and Souq al-Gomaa. You’ll find everything from clothing, jewelry, antiques, artwork, spices, and sweets. You can also purchase souvenirs at some of the country’s many museums (such as the Egyptian Museum) or shops around Cairo’s city center- just be sure to buy something only after researching its value first!

If you’re looking for something specific that isn’t available at one of these locations, try searching online before visiting; more options might be available than what was shown online initially; it may save time and money later on!

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