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Egypt Itinerary 5 Days – 5 Day Trip To Egypt

Egypt Itinerary 5 Days

Visiting Egypt in 5 days – Egypt Itinerary 5 Days

If you can visit Egypt in 5 days, you will have in front of you a good time to know and study the most outstanding aspects of the Egyptian tradition. Its history and great monuments are waiting for you, so you can soak up everything this Middle Eastern country has to offer. and now let’s discover, What is the best Egypt Itinerary 5 Days?

What to see in Egypt in 5 days?

Egypt tours are mostly comprehensive tours, usually lasting between two to three days per city. So you will get packages designed to explore different cities without any inconvenience. To know what to see in Egypt in four days in case you do not want to start in Cairo, we have prepared an itinerary according to your requirement; where you could start your tour of Egypt in 5 days by:

Day 1: Arrival in Cairo

You can start the first day by going to the most famous market in all of Cairo, which is Khan Al Khalili. There I suggest you visit The Fishawy or Mirror Cafe.

The Khan Al Khalili is the oldest bazaar in the city of Cairo, Egypt. It is an ancient trading area, although some businesses have their small workshops. It is the most famous market in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. Its origin dates back to 1382 when the Mamluk Sultan Djaharks el-Khalili decided to build a resting place for merchants.

The market is located in the heart of Islamic Cairo, in a walled area with a medieval air in which the magnificence of the Mamluk architecture is breathed. The site chosen for its construction was the ruins of an ancient Fatimid cemetery.

After this you can visit the Alabaster Mosque, also called the Mohammed Ali Mosque. It is from here that you will have an unparalleled view of Cairo. It is a mosque located in the highest part of the Cairo Citadel in the capital of Egypt. It was built at the behest of the Ottoman governor Mohamed Ali between 1830 and 1848.

cairo mosques

This Mosque is an oasis of peace and calm in the middle of what is the bustling center of the capital. It has an extensive prayer hall that is decorated with mosaics and inlaid with precious stones; these contrast with the carpets that strive to cushion the steps of visitors inside the mosque.

Here is a route of what you can visit around Cairo.

Day 2: Pyramids of Giza

For the second day, you can head to Giza to observe the majesty of the Pyramids and course the Sphinx. The tour could not fail to include a visit to the Egyptian Museum. You cannot leave Egypt without visiting the pyramids located in Giza.

For many, if you do not know this necropolis, you are missing a great opportunity and not only is famous for its aesthetics. But because it is the largest necropolis of all Ancient Egypt.

Giza Pyramids Complex

The Necropolis of Giza in Egypt is one of the most interesting tourist spots in Ancient Egypt for you to give you a chance to know it. It is in this location where you will find the most famous Egyptian pyramids worldwide, as well as the legendary Sphinx.

It is located 20 kilometers from Cairo, more specifically on the Giza Plateau. This plateau is west of the city of Giza. So it is easy to locate them and for your peace of mind are in one of the most guarded areas of the country, due to its importance.

You can tour the entire complex and even the Solar Boat Museum. Then you can take a cab to Memphis and then to Sakkara, so you can see the pyramid of Zoser. Also then go to Dashur. Here is a route of what you can visit around Giza.

Day 3: Luxor

For the third day, you could head to Luxor, where you will visit the Colossi of Memnon and the Valley of the Kings. Also the temple of Karnak. You can spend this day visiting the Valley of the Kings and Queens, where there are mummies of great importance, such as the mythical figure of the pharaoh Tutankhamen.

luxor Egypt

The Valley of the Kings in Egypt is one of the most iconic sites of the New Empire throughout the Egyptian territory. So much so that it is the necropolis where most of the pharaohs of this Empire are buried. So I can assure you that in the Valley of the Kings you will have a lot to see and discover, something that makes it one of the most interesting places to explore in Luxor.

I recommend these 3 Unforgettable Activities

For sightseeing in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt it is best to arrive very early in the morning; before most of the tourists start arriving and therefore you will have to wait longer in the queue. The long lines that are formed for the entrance can not only make you have a hard time but will subtract you a lot of time, time that you can use to visit other places.

Valley of the Kings Luxor
Luxor & the Valley of the Kings. At once a rapidly expanding modern town and a monument to ancient Egyptian history

One of the most important places in the whole country to get to know Ancient Egypt in-depth has to be Luxor. Luxor is an Egyptian town that is currently one of the largest recipients of Egyptian tourism worldwide. This is because it was built on the remains of the city of Thebes.

Luxor is located in the Nile Valley, about 200 km from the first waterfall of Aswan, and it is to her that belongs to large vegetation that extends along the river and reaches the desert. Here is a route of what you can visit around Luxor in Egypt.

Day 4: Aswan

On the fourth day, you will visit Aswan and enjoy a visit to the temple of Nefertari and the temple of Philae. If you have enough time you can stop at the High Dam, which is constructed to regulate the level of the river.

Aswan (Aswan) in Egypt is one of the unmissable visits to this country, due to its diversity of monuments and the ease that is given to tourists to take a cruise on the Nile, and have as a destination this city with only about 219,000 inhabitants. Aswan also stands out for being precisely the southernmost city of Egypt in a trip of an hour and a half from Cairo.

Abu Simbel Definition

Aswan can be found on the eastern bank of the Nile and at the same height as the first waterfall. It is also striking for being a city of tradition and has always been dedicated to the trade of wealth such as gold, ivory, wood, and spices. Making it a very traditional destination in Egypt, although it does not have the number of tourist attractions of Cairo or Luxor.

Perhaps if you wonder what to see and visit in Aswan (Aswan), the first thing they recommend is Abu Simbel. And rightly so, since this is the main attraction of the city. This archaeological site is composed of temples located in Nubia, right on the western shore of Lake Nasser.

Aswan City

Also, the Mausoleum of Aga Khan is one of the most famous attractions of Aswan, and it is this building built on a hill called St. Simon, which was used as the final resting place for Shah Aga Khan, a spiritual leader of Ismailism which is one of the currents of Shiite Islam.

The location of this tomb was selected by the Aga Khan himself because of the symbolism it possessed. This is because in previous centuries the ancestors of the Aga Khan had founded the Fatimid dynasty. Here is a route of what you can visit around Aswan (Aswan) in Egypt.

Day 5: Mosques

On the fifth day, you can visit the Madrassa Mosque of Sultan Hassan, in addition to several tourist sites that the capital can offer you.

The Madrassa Mosque of Sultan Hassan is an imposing mosque and madrassa from the time of the Mamluk sultanate of Egypt located in the historic center of Cairo,

Sultan Hassan Mosque

At first, it was created to function as a madrasa, which is nothing more than a school dedicated to the teaching of Islam. It was divided into different sections to cover the four streams of Sunni thought:


It is a striking Mosque showing the strength and power of the Mamluks when it was built. Its structure is surprising and different from most mosques, so it is worth a visit. It has an imposing entrance of a somber and fortified appearance, a huge sun-drenched courtyard with a fountain in the center, which is surrounded by the four rooms of different schools.

Another place you can visit is the Cairo Tower, Egypt stands out in the city of Cairo as a modern building whose purpose is telecommunications. It has a height of 180 m being higher than the Great Pyramid of Giza by 43 m, this height is also responsible for being the tallest structure in North Africa.

Mosque of Amr Ibn Al As

It is located in the district of Zamalek, in Gezira Island, on the Nile River, in the center of the capital city of the country. It is easily visible from a distance due to its height and design. So it is a landmark, and more if you take into account the viewpoint and the restaurant that you can attend to meet him.

Here is a tour of what you can visit around the capital of Cairo in Egypt before you have to return home.

Travel to Cairo in 5 days

To travel to Cairo in 5 days I recommend that you do it taking into consideration the season in which this territory is. Also take into consideration the kind of tourist you are, that is, if you are a tourist who can not stand the inclement heat, it would be best to go in winter, where temperatures are pleasant. [ what is the best month to visit Egypt ]

But winter is precisely the high season, so prices will be somewhat higher, and in general, it will be difficult to get accommodation. Autumn and spring, on the other hand, which are mid-seasons, are a better balance between warmth and coolness.

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