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For several years now, the small town of Dahab, located on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba between Sharm El-Sheikh and Taba on the Red Sea, has been enjoying increasing popularity with holidaymakers in Egypt.

Just a little over an hour’s drive from the airport in Sharm El-Sheikh, the place presents itself in its original charm with a large number of small hotels and inexpensive accommodations.

A little outside of Masbat, the center of the village, on the Bay of Dahab, there are a number of large hotel complexes that offer their guests all-inclusive holidays, among other things.

The environment
On the slowly sloping sandy beach, surfers and divers alike get their money’s worth and international surfing and diving centers are located here. In addition to the beaches, the crystal clear water of the Red Sea, and the fantastic underwater world with a variety of creatures and corals, the foothills of the Sinai Mountains join in the hinterland of the narrow coastal strip.

The vast desert landscape, traversed by many dried-up river beds, the so-called wadis, invites you to go on discovery tours by motorcycle, quad, Land Rover, or camel. Time and again there are small oases in the dry landscape, in whose green surroundings Bedouins invite you for a typical tea.

One of the most famous excursion destinations in the Dahab region is the Katharinenkloster at the foot of the Gebel Musa, the so-called Mossberg.

According to tradition, Moses received the tablets with the commandments on the summit of this mountain, from which fantastic sunrises and sunsets can be observed.

Package tours, as well as individual stays in Dahab, can be used to visit Cairo, the capital of Egypt. By bus or with one of the locally offered cheap flights, it is possible to visit the hustle and bustle in the pulsating metropolis on the Nile, the pyramids, the Sphinx, and the famous Egyptian museum.

A vacation in Dahab is not just about the beach, water, and sunbathing. If you are interested, a stay in this part of Egypt can be varied and interesting and the numerous early bird trips on offer also ensure that the holiday budget does not have to be exceeded.

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