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Church of the Virgin Mary

Church of the Virgin Mary

The Church of the Virgin Mary, Coptic Cairo

Church of the Virgin Mary: Egypt is a land that attracts many tourists from all over the world. Over time, many important actions took place in Egypt that made its civilization. You can highlight in Egypt many varied attractions. The oldest civilization in Egypt is the Pharaonic civilization, but there are also Islamic and Coptic civilizations.

The Coptic civilization began when the Holy Family arrived in Egypt. Throughout the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt, churches were built in the places where the Virgin Mary and her son Jesus lived. One of the most famous and attractive churches in the Church of the Virgin Mary.

Church of the Virgin Mary

The History of the Church of the Virgin Mary

It is considered one of the most important tourists and religious destinations in Egypt and the world. When the Holy Family fled from the Palestinian king to Egypt and entered Cairo, it lived in several places and then churches were built in these places. The last place where the Holy Family lived before embarking on Memphis (the first capital) was the Church of the Virgin.

The Holy Family embarked from Memphis to the cities of Upper Egypt. In the 19th century, some parts of the Church were destroyed by an explosion of a ship and it was said that the whole Church was destroyed and then it was rebuilt.

In 1976 it was said that the old bible was found floating on the Nile near the Church. The bible was opened in the chapter of Isaiah that says “I blessed Egypt, my people”.

The Construction of the Church of the Virgin Mary

The church was built on the east bank of the Nile River. It is in the Maadi 13 km from the center of Cairo. It is built with three domes that are on three altars. There are ancient icons on the walls.

The chapel has four coffins, holding the relics of the saints. An original copy of the ancient bible, which was found floating, is preserved in a glass sanctuary. There are also some ancient chambers such as the Baptistery, and ancient passageways and stairs used by the Holy Family.

About the Church of the Virgin Mary

The Church is known by the name of the Virgin Mary because it is the place where the Virgin Mary and Jesus stayed in their place a few days before starting their journey to Upper Egypt.

The Church had other names for the name of the place. It was known by the name “Maniet Al-Sudan” which is considered the first Arabic name of the Church. It was then known by the name “Bustan Al-Adawya” and later by “Al-Martuti”.

Exploring Miracles in Cairo

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