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Church of St. George

St George church, Cairo

Church of St. George: In Egypt, one finds varied civilizations; the Pharaonic, Islamic, and Coptic. All over Egypt, there are many destinations to visit and explore so the trip to Egypt is very interesting because it allows you to get to know this great civilization closely and explore its enigmas and mysteries.

Cairo is a city where there is a lot to do and visit (historical, Islamic, and Coptic sites). The Coptic Quarter in Cairo is one of the most interesting places. Most of the Christians who lived in Cairo live here. It is also considered a pilgrimage site because it was the refuge of the Holy Family during their flight. One of the attractive destinations in the Coptic Cario is St. George’s Church.

Church of St. George

The History of St. George’s Church

St. George’s Church (Greek Orthodox Church) was built in the 10th century on top of the north tower of the Roman fortress. It is considered the seat of the Greek Patriarchate of Alexandria. The Church is dedicated to St. George (also known by the name “the great martyr”).

It was said that St. George was the defender of Christianity and the most popular warrior in the Coptic Quarter in Cairo, which is why there are more than 20 relics of St. George.

According to the legend St. George faced a dragon and killed it and there are images of this in the Church. St. George was killed in 303 AD during a battle that a Greek emperor fought against Christianity.

The Construction of St. George’s Church

This church is the only circular church in Egypt. On the exterior façade, there is an image of St. George riding a horse attacking a dragon tree with his lasso. The church is highlighted by the darkness of the interior with the light of the sun’s rays entering through the windows. The place is full of incense.

There are 40 modern pillars. The walls are decorated with kitsch images and icons of saints from the 11th and 15th centuries. Under the Church, there are dark passages illuminated with light where there is a well of water where the Holy Family used to drink. Stairs are leading from the Roman tower.

The Construction of St. George's Church

Above the Church of St. George

The Church was the refuge of the Holy Family of King Herod. This form of the Church is not the original form because the Church suffered many fires. It was rebuilt in 1904 but there are some preserved glass windows.

There are torture chambers where Saint George was locked up by King Damien. The Church is near the monastery of St. George where the religious women reside.

Explore Cairo’s Attractions

Coptic Cairo is one of the most attractive and historical destinations in Egypt. Many wonderful churches are very interesting to visit. For our Egypt travel packages, you can enjoy an organized and magical trip between the attractions of Egypt and a cruise on the Nile.

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