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Bayt Al-Suhaymi

Beit El Suhaymi

Bayt Al-Suhaymi: Cairo is the main city that is recommended to visit when traveling to Egypt. Cairo’s attractions are several that attract many tourists throughout the year.

For the deference of culture and religion in the history of Egypt, you can observe the different civilizations that are clear in the attractive destinations in Cairo.

The Coptic Quarter and the churches in Cairo are many and very interesting. Also, Islamic Cairo with its large mosques is very attractive. You will find in the Islamic Quarter many mosques, bazaars, and narrow streets with wonderful architecture.

One of the places of its character is The House of Al-Suhaymi (in Arabic “p”). This House has unique architecture and is now considered a museum of cultural encounters.

Bayt Al-Suhaymi
Bayt Al-Suhaymi from inside

The History of Bayt Al-Suhaymi

It is a good idea to discover the life and houses of the ancient inhabitants of Egypt up close. Al-Suhaymi House is famous in the Islamic Quarter. It is on “Darb Al-Asfar” street, a branch of the Calle de El-Moez.

The House was built in 1648 AD. c. in the 17th century by Abd El-Wahab El-Tablawy. The architecture of the House is the best example of the Ottoman house. In 1796 Ahmed Al-Suhaymi bought the House and extended it by adding the adjacent houses.

He also added a few things to his design. Since 1931 it is considered a historical and Islamic place. In 1994 they did the restoration of the house.

The Construction and Architecture of Al-Suhaymi House

The architecture of the House is Ottoman. It was built in 2000 m2. The House is around a marble fountain on the first floor to keep the water cold, cascading from each bowl to the next.

The floor of the house is marble and the ceiling is high painted wood. There are two patios; one has a small garden with trees and palm trees and the other is for the service where there is storage well and a flour mill.

The House consists of two floors; one where the reception rooms and the green and blue-tiled walls are located and the second floor which is considered the family apartment where there are “Mashrabiya” (wooden windows with latticework that allow women to see the street without being seen. The furniture in the house is made of wood.

Bayt Al-Suhaymi
The Construction and Architecture of Al-Suhaymi House

About the House of Al-Suhaymi

During the restoration of the house, it was discovered that the house was built on the ruins of Fatimid buildings. The architecture of the high ceilings, thick walls, the fountain, and the windows makes the climate pleasant and makes life easier in the dry and hot climate of Cairo. Ahmed Al-Suhaymi was the one who added the ‘Mashrabiya’ windows.

Know more about Cairo

Cairo is a magnificent city where you will find many tourist destinations such as historical, Coptic, and Islamic destinations. Do not miss the opportunity to explore this great city for a wonderful trip with our Egypt travel packages that offer you to discover other destinations in Egypt and enjoy a cruise on the Nile, book your vacation now.

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