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Alexandria Egypt

Alexandria Egypt

Alexandria is considered the second capital of Egypt and was the capital of Ancient Egypt. It is known by the name “the Bride of the Mediterranean.” It is located in northern Egypt, on the west bank of the Nile and the Mediterranean shore, and is 225 km from Cairo. It has two ports since ancient centuries that is why it is considered the main port of Egypt. It has more than 4 million inhabitants.

Alexandria Egypt

The History of Alexandria

In 332 a. c. Persa was in Egypt and when Alexander the Great “the founder of Alexandria” arrived and Persa conquered, he thought of founding capital of Egypt. In 331 a. c. Alexander chose his city in Rakotis which was opposite Faro Island where the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria was built (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that was destroyed by earthquakes in the 14th century). Alexandria was the capital of Egypt for almost a thousand years (during the Ptolemaic, Roman, and Byzantine dynasties) until Islam came to Egypt.

Weather in Alexandria

The climate in Alexandria is hot in the summer and cool with rainy days in the winter. It is the rainiest city in Egypt. The best time to visit Alexandria is from March to December because the climate is pleasant and moderate.

The Attractions of Alexandria

Alexandria is famous for its Library. It was founded in the Ptolemaic dynasty in the 3rd century BC. c. It contained nearly 700 thousand texts from the Greeks, Egyptians, Jews, and other manuscripts. At 48 a. c. the decadence of the library began and many of its documents were burned. In 2002 he rebuilt the library by UNESCO. It is considered the cultural landmark of Egypt because it contains 8 million books.

It was built by Al-Ashraf Abu Alnasr Quaitbay during the 1480s. It was built on the island and remnants of Faros as the defense of the city.

It was built during the Roman dynasty. Before it was a private grave and later it was a public cemetery. It contains 3 levels of tombs and excavated chambers.

It is a column of red granite and the largest in Egypt. S3e was built in the Roman dynasty in honor of Emperor Diocletian.

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